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« on: November 05, 2008, 08:44:32 AM »
Dear Dr. Stupid,
I had a dream last night that I bought a used Met for $3500.  What does this mean?

--Restive and poor
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Re: Huh?
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It means I hope you wake up soon... 8)


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Re: Huh?
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Strokes don't matter as long as you ride it hard.
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Re: Huh?
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Dear R&P,

That’s not a dream that’s a nightmare. Just kidding. A dream unifies the body, mind, and spirit. It provides you with insight into yourself and a means for self-exploration. Many do not ask questions for fear of answers. In understanding your dream, you will have a better understanding and discovery of your true self (I think I’m gonna puke).

So you are going about your normal routine when you suddenly realize that you bought a used Honda Metropolitan for $3500. Dreaming that you bought a used Honda Metropolitan is very common. The Honda Metropolitan symbolizes a variety of things depending on your real life situation.

Becoming mortified at the realization that you bought a used Honda Metropolitan for $3500 is often a reflection of your vulnerability or shamefulness. You may be hiding something and are afraid that others can nevertheless see right through you. Metaphorically scooters are a means of concealment. While riding a scooter, you can hide your identity or be someone else. But by riding the Honda Metropolitan you are going slow enough for all to see. You are left without any defenses. The dream may be telling you that you are trying to be something that you really are not. Or, that you are fearful of being ridiculed and disgraced. If you are in a new relationship, you may have some fears or apprehension in revealing your true feelings.

The $3500 price tag symbolizes being caught off guard. You may be uninformed in making a well-formed decision. With all eyes on you, you have this fear of having some deed brought to public attention. You fear that people will see through your true self and you will be exposed as a fraud or a phony.

Many times, when you realize that you are riding the Honda Metropolitan in your dream, no one else seems to notice. Everyone else in the dream is going about their business without giving a second look at you and your Metro. This implies that your fears are unfounded; no one will notice except you. You may be magnifying the situation and making an issue of nothing. On the other hand, such dreams may mean your desire (or failure) to get noticed.

If you are dreaming that you are proud of your Metropolitan and show no embarrassment or shame, then it symbolizes your unrestricted freedom. You have nothing to hide and are proud of who you are. The dream is about a new sense of honesty, openness, and a carefree nature.

This could also be a prophetic dream, also referred to as precognitive or psychic dream, a dream that seemingly foretells the future.  One rational theory to explain this phenomenon is that our dreaming mind is able to piece together bits of information and observation that we normally overlook or that we do not seriously consider. In other words, our unconscious mind knows what is coming before we consciously piece together the same information.

Hopefully this will help guide you through Sleepytown, say “Hi” to Harvey Korman by the roast beef tree for me.

Your Dreamologist,
Dr. Stupid