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RG on Reddit
« on: November 26, 2013, 09:54:30 AM »

[–]SibylUnrest 9 points 2 months ago
The scooter scene is alive and well here. They do things like joust and roam around the metro area in packs. The Misfit Toys are the best established scooter club, and they sponsor awesome events like the Mile High Mayhem.
[–]huenixion 2 points 2 months ago
[–]Scooterdad 1 point 2 months ago
Most established?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ..... More like rookies that can't ride in a a pack. Wait I was thinking rival gang ....
Still not most established
[–]SibylUnrest 2 points 2 months ago
I guess I say that because the only other clubs I know of are highly specialized and tend to disappear after a year or two, things like only women under 50 with vintage Lambrettas. I'm far from an expert, though, just some schmuck with scooter envy. I'm curious, which groups do you like better?
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